This is to inform you from the beginning of this pandemic we have taken all measures necessary to sanitize all products and we will continue to do so.

Boxes are sprayed with sanitizer and left outside or inside in a clear bin we have specifically for these items. 

Clothing is taken out and set aside for fresh air and placed in directly sun. After several hours we have them steamed. The rack is wiped down and of course hand washing is practiced each time we come into contact with any product.

Bath items are wiped down with lysol wipes, candles are done the same way.

We also wipe the poly mailers, boxes and bags prior to getting them to you. The poly-mailers and boxes once shipped they are out of our control how they are handled. Once they reach you of course spray the boxes or wipe the poly-mailer.

Once our store opens we will require face masks and will wipe each door, dressing room, check out and anything that is touched by a customer we will ensure we will do our best to keep it as clean and sanitized as possible.

Should I or my daughter experience any symptoms we will cease all shipping, pick up and close our store until further notice but we will inform you of any and all changes.

Should you have any questions feel free to reach out to me by email or cell.

We ask if you experience any symptoms to please stay home. We can delivery a package to you. 

Thank you